Thursday, June 25, 2009

We went to Bear Lake for Heath's family reunion and it was so much fun. The weather wasn't very nice but it was great to be together. Here are some fun pictures from our trip.


  1. We all went down to the beach and played some whiffle
ball. Most of the whole trip was nothing but rain but there was
an hour or two of somewhat nicer weather and we took advantage
of it.

At the beach. Steph and I with Kenna and Zoey.

Mckenna and Preston playing in a pool of water.
It was so cold we didn't bring there swimsuits with us.
So they improvised.

Wow I'm definetly camping. You wouldn't quite call
that one hot mama!

We played scherades. I don't know what I was acting out though.

Our little western family!

Heath helpng Preston shoot a pellat gun.
It was too cold to do it outside.

Preston and Mckenna

Waking up in the morning can be so hard.
The kids actually had their own places to
sleep but none the less ended up in bed with us.
Grandma and her baby!

Preston loved the smores!


Happy cousins! Well kindof.
Zoey and Addy Mae

Preston and Gracie


I actually found her sleeping like that.

Preston loves to climb in Zoey's crib and play with her.
His molars are coming in and with that he's been sucking
his thumb. BOOO!