Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life has been pretty crazy lately but good as always. My blog seems to be the last thing I do. My work schedule change and that took some getting used to but things are back on track. Not saying I will be better about posting but I'll sure try. I don't have as many excuses anymore. Preston and Zoey are growing growing and Heath is staying busy with work, school, comedy, the family, church, he does it all. My own superhero. I as well am a busy mommy with work, the kids/hoouse etc. and my calling at church. I am the Primary music leader. Hard work but very rewarding. Life is pretty good but we are all excited for spring. We are truly getting CABIN FEVER!!!!
Heath and I took a trip to Sun Valley. He had a show up there
and so we went on a mini vacation. My parents kept Preston
and Zoey. We went snowboarding one of the days. It was a lot
of fun!

This was at my brother's house at a family get together. Those
are his kids Deacon and Hallie. Preston and Deacon fell asleep like
that after many long hours of play. They look like little twins!

Random pictures of little Zoey. She's such a spitfire girl!!!

She loves to smile and I LOVE that!

This is her little toilet desk. She did this all on her own. I was working on the computer one morning and it got really quiet so I went to check it out and there she was, working at her own little desk.