Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring/Summer haircuts

Here are some pictures of the kids before Church last Sunday. I gave Preston his spring/summer haircut and you can also see the progress of Zoey's hair that she cut herself. It's started to look better. Either that or I'm just getting used to it. 
 What a beautiful smile Zoe.
 New summer do! My cute little man.

 Aww they really love each other. Either that or she trying to choke him. Haha!

 Love this picture!
 Total natural. He is learning so fast on the piano.

Birthday Party Number 2

I threw Heath a surprise birthday party on his birthday so that the kids and some of our friends that couldn't make it to his other party could still celebrate his birthday. We hid up stairs at our friend Sean's house and looked over the terrace and surprised him. He said he was surprised so it must've been a success!! 

 Happy Birthday to You.....

 Heath requested a Red Velvet Cheesecake for his Birthday Cake. Those things are hard to make so I went and got one at the Cheesecake Factory. $50!!! Talk about a convenience fee...

 Not sure what I'm doing here.

 Preston jumping in the pool outside. This was quite the endeavor because it was the first day of having the pool ready for swimming so it was cold......

Great job buddy!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Heath's Adult Birthday Party :)

So for Heath's birthday we decided to do what any respectable adults would want to do...
We went to Jump Time. YAH!!!!!!

 Heath outside of Jump Time

 We Are READY!!!!

 Heath and our friends Branden and Jayme

 All of us jumpin around!!!

 Heath going after Branden

 5 minutes later...not kidding


We had so much fun with our good friends Branden and Jayme. Thanks for coming you guys!! We love you!