Thursday, June 28, 2012

May's "First"...Trip to CABO San Lucas Mexico

So I am finally getting around to posting photos from our Mexico trip to Can San Lucas! I was so much from and an awesome "FIRST" for my month of may "first". We had such an awesome time. There are TONS of pictures so ENJOY!

 At the airport. On our way!!!

 The entryway of our resort. The Riu Santa Fe. It was amazing!

Checking in. Yay!!

 Pictures at the pools at the resort and the beach.

 Yummy pineapple drinks. Gotta love the all inclusive thing! Even for us virgin drinkers. Yum!

 Just meson around.

 He's always making me laugh at something. 

 Sunbathing....need I say more. :)

 Looking out at the ocean...and our feet.

 This was in the shuttle bus prior to going zip lining. We had a few minutes to kill so we entertained ourselves.

 We do a good job of entertaining ourselves. 

 Right before we started our adventure.

 Our group. They were so much fun! Especially our guides. It was AWESOME!

 First run...a little scary...

 I got used to it pretty fast though.

 I think Heath felt the same way. :)

 You will find that with most all of these pictures they don't do justice of how showing how high we actually were from the ground. Going across this rope was the scariest thing for me. We were a good 70ft from the water you see below. In the pictures it looks more like 5ft but it was definetly more like 70ft.

 We climbed even higher after we got across the rope.

 This part was the scariest for Heath.

 This part was crazy. We were sooo high up. Seriously whether it looks like it or not we were a good 200ft high up. It was awesome!!!

 It's so crazy because that bridge was the same height as the last picture. Around 200 ft. It doesn't seem like it but it is.

 This one shows a little better of how high it was.

 Then we repelled down 100ft. This was one of my FAVORITE parts.

 We survived!!! Job well done!!!
 On our way back to the resort.

 My vintage swimsuit. It's my favorite though I wish it looked a little better on me. LOL!

 Our dinner that night was a four course meal. It was sooo good!

 He lit the dessert of fire!!

 Just some twilight pictures...

 The next day was snorkeling. This was us just before we left on the boat.

 Leaving on the boat. We saw two ships. Preston would've loved to see those!

 We sailed past lover's beach (what you see in the background), an the arch which is what Cabo is famous for is that landmark which you will see. We were only about a 2 min water taxi ride away from both at our resort. It was a beautiful view. Those pictures to come.

 Just fooling around...again. :)

 Here's the ARCH. Very cool!

 Some seal ions just hang in out behind us.
 Just before we got in the water to snorkel. We had actually just gotten done video taping a whole bunch of dolphins we ran into on our way to snorkel. It was cool but we didn't take pictures because we video taped it.

 My battle wound. I got stung by a jelly fish. Yah!!!

 Some sunset photos.

 Right off our balcony in our room. It was a partial ocean view. We didn't realize how partial. We could barely see the ocean. Next time it'll be a full ocean view. Totally worth it. But this wasn't bad either.

 We met these awesome ladies at breakfast. They invited us to go cruise the town with them because they spoke spanish. They were a lot of fun!

 Downtown Cabo San Lucas

 Flea Market. Some good shopping. :)

 More late night photos after swimming and stuff.

 Me creating.....
 My creation...

Outside our hotel room. That's the view I was talking about. The Arch and Lover's beach...oh and my hot husband. ;)

 Heath running from a wave...these wave would get up to 15ft high. We swam out in them one day and rode them. Yikes! It was so cool but I though I was gonna die when he tried to get out.

 At the resort after eating lunch. 

 Sunset pictures at the resort and by the beach

 On our way to Lover's Beach. We spent the day there. 

 Heath got a picture right before the wave grabbed me and I went flying back. I'm sure it was an awesome sight to see. 

 Swimming in the ocean

 We tried to climb over to the Arch.

 This was our last full night in Cabo so we went down to the beach and took a bunch of fun pictures. Yes a bunch... I'm only posting half of them. It was fun!!

 Last day there. Sad to leave but so excited to get home and see our kiddos!

See ya next time!!!!


leighmichellec said...

Love love love all the pictures! I can't wait for OUR adventure together next time! looks like you had a wonderful time. Love ya

Janet said...

LOOKS LIKE FUN! I miss you :)

T-I-F-F-A-N-Y said...

Looks like an AMAZINGLY GOOD time! Glad you got to go... Looks so warm, fun, and happy! Great photos too! -Tiff-